Several incidents due to the rain and wind storms

Weather storm Gloria has affected many parts of the Girona region with heavy rains, snow and wind. This has caused serious incidents in some places, due to the closed roads, flooded rivers, fallen trees, etc.

We recommend you be very careful and don’t get close to any rivers, streams or creeks. Be mindful of any incidents and warnings issued by local authorities, the Diputació de Girona and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Although we have already begun repairs, it will be a few days before the routes are restored to normal conditions, due to the severity of the situation.

You can find detailed information on our social media channels.


Photos (in order): The greenways platform at Pasteral. Damaged breakwater and fence. Damaged roads in Vilanna-Bescanó. Landslip in Ripoll, at km 1.5. Landslip on the Coal Route.