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Nouveau site web pour toute sorte de dispositifs et d’écrans

Website launch, Greenways + Pirinexus, more accessible


One disign for multiple formats

The websites of the Greenways of Girona and the Pirinexus route have been fused together in one singe totally updated website, under the address www.viesverdes.cat. This new website provides information on all the routes managed by the Girona Greenways Consortium (part of the Regional Council of Girona), which currently covers over 350 kilometers and is in the process of being extended. One of the highlights of the new site is the incorporation of current criteria of accessibility and usability, following W3C international standards. The project has been co-financed by the Strategic Tourism Plan of the Government of Catalonia, within the “Project for the improvement of the Girona Greenways as inclusive touristic infrastructures”, currently being developed by the Consortium.

The www.viesverdes.cat website was created in 2006 and updated in 2012, while the Pirinexus route website, www.pirinexus.cat, has been operational since 2013. The Consortium has decided to integrate both websites into one, thereby avoiding the doubling up of information and helping to improve the way information is managed, as well as facilitating usability and user interaction, the classification of brands and the merging of web traffic.

Specific work has also been carried out to provide information on accessible stretches of the routes so that users who would like to plan an outing using an adapted bike, wheelchair, tandem or on foot with assistance can access detailed information about the options available to them.

The new format enables browsing from any kind of device or screen, from computers of all sizes to tablets or mobiles. The accessibility criteria applied also means that most of the information on the website can be browsed or read using a mouse, keyboard or Braille.

Information adapted to different groups

The new website has been designed taking into account the different groups to whom the Consortium information is addressed: users of the route, institutional users and the private sector. Information on routes is differentiated from institutional information in such a way that the tourist information (available in four languages) is separate from administrative information, while also complying with transparency requirements.

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