Girona greenways and Pirinexus cycling map

Girona greenways and Pirinexus cycling map 2023 [PDF]

Mapa cicloturisme Vies Verdes i Pirinexus

UK_Mapa Alpina 2014 (pdf)

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Pirinexus GUIDE

With the support of the European Union, The route Pirinexus was created between 2010 and 2013. The guide you can download here, for free, is one of the tangible results of this work. See instructions and complete information of the route and main atractions inside.

UK Pirinexus guide 2014 [PDF]

Lille Declaration 2000

Madrid Declaration 2010

Signaling Style Manual

This Manual pretends to be a tool that establishes the basic guidelines to create any type of vertical signage in the routes that make up the Girona Greenways Consortium.

Signalisation Style Manual [PDF]