What is the difference between a greenway and the Pirinexus route?

You can find detailed information here.

And what are cycling routes?

Cycling routes are suitable for cycling but do not meet the standards of a greenway.

Can I go on these routes if I have no experience?

Yes! These routes are accessible and well integrated into the natural environment. Therefore, walking or cycling along any greenway is an excellent option for beginners. Greenways are non-motorised, accessible, enjoyable, and safe communication pathways.

It is important to note that Pirinexus is not a greenway. It is a cross-border cycling loop that combines greenways with other cycling routes such as rural paths or roads with low traffic density. Therefore, some sections are not accessible to everyone.

We also recommend planning your route in advance and taking into account several factors such as your physical ability or weather conditions, among others.

Do I need to pay to be able to access the greenways?

No. The Greenways are accessible to the public and can be used free of charge by everyone.

Are greenways suitable for children?

Yes, but children must be old enough and sufficiently prepared. They must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

What type of bicycle is best suited for greenways?

Greenways are distinguished for being easy and pleasant routes, away from motorised traffic, so they can be explored with all types of bicycles. However, we recommend using mountain bikes due to their versatility.

What type of bicycle is best suited for the Pirinexus route?

For the Pirinexus route, we recommend using gravel bikes, as this route includes different types of tracks and gravel bikes are suitable for both road and dirt tracks.

Are there any track files available for the different routes? Where can I download them?

You can download the track file of every route by clicking on “Download the route” in the corresponding route information sheet. You will also find track files on Google Maps, Wikiloc and Instamaps.

I would like to see the location of all tourist services on the map. Is it possible?

Yes. In every route information sheet, you can see the track of the route and the location of all related tourist services on the Google Maps map.

If I complete a route, how do I get back to the starting point?

You can return to the starting point using any of the available rentals and transfers or by public transport. You will find further information on the information sheet for each route.

Rentals and transfers

Other services

I have detected an issue on the route. How can I report it?

You can report incidents or suggestions for improvement through our Incident Manager.

Do I need to request authorisation to access a greenway?

No, greenways are accessible to the public and no authorisation is required.

Are the routes signposted?

Yes, all greenway and Pirinexus routes are properly signposted. Also, you can download the track file of every route on the corresponding information sheet.

Does the Consorci also arrange outings?

No, the Consorci de les Vies Verdes de Girona is the local body responsible for managing Girona’s greenway routes. It was created in 2003 and comprises the Girona Provincial Council and the municipalities and county councils specified in the bylaws. Its main purpose is to maintain and improve the infrastructure of the greenways, promote their use, and expand the greenway network.

You can plan your outings with all the information on routes and services that you will find on our website or by contacting our  travel agency partners.

Can I do a route in different sections?

Yes, all routes can be completed according to individual preferences. You will find all kinds of accommodation, restaurants, and other services that will allow you to plan the route to your liking. List of tourist services.

What is the direction of travel on the routes?

On greenways, you should keep to the right side of the road. Whenever possible, the tracks are two-way. Please click here to see the terms of use.

Can I go on a greenway with my dog?

Yes, as long as you keep your dog on a leash and under your supervision at all times.

Is there phone coverage on the routes?

Telephone coverage varies depending on the area and your mobile phone provider. For the 112 emergency number, there is good coverage along the greenways and the Pirinexus route.

Are there water points?

Yes! There are several water points along all the greenways and the Pirinexus route. We are working on compiling them. Soon, you will find a map with all water points in every route information sheet.

How can I get to the routes?

Every route information sheet contains a section with the best options for getting to the route, both by public and private transport.