The Secrets of the Greenways

The “Secrets of the greenways” project is aimed at promoting and improving the understanding of the territory where the greenways are located. The idea is to provide knowledge about the cultural heritage and natural features that provide an added value to the routes, create an economic impact in the different municipalities, and promote aspects that are currently unknown to visitors, despite their heritage value. 

The Girona greenways have become an important, sustainable, and accessible tourist communication link, and with this project, the goal is to also turn them into a way of learning about the territory with a double objective: touristic enjoyment combined with cultural and environmental understanding. 

The project includes the creation or adaptation of a series of thematic itineraries that are signposted, connected, and accessible from the greenways, allowing people to discover new natural and cultural features, based on the territory’s heritage elements, selected for their uniqueness and interest. 

The suggested routes come as a result of the collective work done by the local councils of each municipality, the county councils, and other organizations such as the Ter Consortium. It is a network-based project that promotes routes with different characteristics, in order to provide knowledge about the tangible and intangible heritage of the land. It’s a living project, in the growth stage, and the goal is to continue to add new routes and to discover new “secrets”. 

The secrets can be identified from the greenways with signposts that have a special logo. On our website you can find all the information for following the routes. 

Discover all the secrets of the Girona greenways routes: [link here


This project is co-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of the RIS3CAT and the ERDF Operational Programme Catalonia 2014-2020.