Greenway Camí Vell de l’Estartit

Torroella de Montgrí - l'Estartit

Discover the beauty of the Costa Brava coastline as you travel along the Camí Vell de l’Estartit. Stretching along 5 km, with a gentle gradient of 0.5%, this route connects the towns of Torroella de Montgrí and L’Estartit, providing a route along the foot of the Montgrí massif and all the way back to the beach, with views of the Medes islands.

Kilometers 5 km

Slope 0,5%

Difficulty Minimum

Pavement Asphalt, compact sand

Maximum altitude 33 m

Minimum altitude 2 m

Since 3.4 km of the route is segregated from motorized traffic, you can take a quiet and safe ride, making it ideal for cycling tourists with all levels of experience. The remaining 1.6 km share space with motorized traffic, but with clearly marked lanes to ensure road user safety and comfort.

The course is a perfect combination of compacted dirt and tarmac surfaces, providing a smooth and enjoyable cycling experience.

You will enjoy views of the Montgrí massif along the whole route, including the castle at the top, and Montplà, and you will walk alongside numerous fields of olive trees. Around the route, as part of the Natural Park, there is the population centre of Les Dunes. It lies in a large continental dune formed by the sand that the north wind has blown from the Gulf of Roses and deposited between Montgrí and Muntanya Gran. There are still some fortified farmhouses and watchtowers from the time of the corsairs (16th and 17th centuries), such as the Quintaneta tower and the Martina tower.

The route has several rest areas: the Capellans fountain, at the start from Torroella; the Santa Caterina housing estate, towards the middle of the route, and the Estartit entrance, at the end. From Torroella, you can access the path that goes up to Coll de la Creu, from where you can see the entire Gulf of Roses, and visit Montgrí Castle or the Santa Caterina hermitage. From Estartit, you can walk to the beaches stretching over 5 km of fine sand, and walk through the protected area of the Baix Empordà wetlands.


Map villages Greenway Camí Vell de l'Estartit
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How to get there


Tel. 972 204 868 


Tel. 902 302 025


Motorway C-31, C-66, AP-7, C-35.


Tourism Office: Tel. 972 186 708
Information Flights: Tel. 972 186 600

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