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Ogassa, a town related with minery

Ferro i Carbó greenway

The town of Ogassa, belonging to the province of Girona, is in the middle of the Ripollès region. Its totally mountainous nature makes its altitude compared to the sea level oscillate between the 2,035 m of the mountain of the Taga and the 800-900 m of the hollows that are in the lower part of the municipality.

Ogassa is mainly known thanks to the coal mines, which were operated between the end of the 18th century and 1967. Its existence, motivated not only the progress of Ogassa, but also, it was a key element that facilitated the arrival of the railroad in El Ripollès, in order to quickly transfer the coal to Barcelona until 1967, the year that they were closed. At present, some of the mines can be visited, and it is one of the main tourist attractions of the municipality.

Avinguda de les Mines, 0 S N (Ajuntament)

Mina dolça in Ogassa

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