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Sant Llorenç de Campdevànol

Camí Ramader de Campdevànol

At the end of the Historic Highway and Cattle Track, we find the parish of Sant Llorenç de Campdevànol, a Romanesque work from the 11th century.

This monument is one of the first architectural works of the Romanesque period built in Catalonia, and stands out for its immaculate state of the bell tower, which is preserved in very good condition. Nevertheless, its interior has undergone the passage of the years and several wars, that remarkably destroyed their walls in the 17th century, or the Civil War, where part of the temple was burned down.

In 1990, it was restored and preserved as one of the most outstanding architectural monuments of the Romanesque period in Catalonia.

17530, Sant Llorenç de Campdevànol

Below is a map where the point of service is located



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