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Sant Joan de les Fonts

Link between Narrow-Gauge Railway Route and Iron Route


The route consists of three great examples of medieval architecture:

  • The church of the Benedictine monastery, this monument, declared of national interest in 1981, becomes one of the great examples of religious medieval architecture in La Garrotxa. It is popularly known as Romanic monastery; however, the church is all that remains from the monastic complex from the twelve century.
  • The Juvinyà Castle, this monument, declared of national interest in 1972, is a fort built in two phases, the tower is the oldest part which dates back to the twelve century, and the other parts of the residence were built in the fourteenth century.
  • The medieval bridge(XIII), constructed using volcanic stone mainly.



  1. Fondo Mill. This name is used to define two elements in the same place. On the one hand, the waterfall with an artificial dam, and on the other hand, the old paper mill that used to take advantage of the force of the water for their machinery.
  2. Les tres colades de lava route. At Fondo mill area, 700.00 years ago, a lava flow from Batet volcanoes was poured out onto the surface. Around 150.000 years ago, a second lava flow arrived from the same area, laying on the previous one. The third lava flow arrived at the same place around 130.000 years ago, coming from Garrinada volcano. This third lava flow is the one that can be seen in more detail at Boscarró area.
  3. Fonts and Verlets route. It is the old ancient paths that were used by the farmers and stockbreeders of the area. The area of Verlets was formerly formed by wetlands that disappeared over the years, and for that reason, we still find quite a few water sources and canals along the way.

AddressSant Joan de les Fonts (Oficina de Turisme)
C. Sant Pere, 2

Medieval bridge of Sant Joan de les Fonts



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