Vallespir – France Route

Prats de Molló - Morellàs

The Pirinexus stretch that passes through France is one of the best cycling experiences on the whole Pirinexus route. Cycling along the Pyrenean borders, we will enjoy exceptional views and beauty spots, while also getting our fill of history: medieval monuments, sculptures, museums, and even Roman remains of the Via Domitia and the Via Augusta, are just some of the things waiting for us along this route.

Kilometers 73 km

Slope 2-3%

Difficulty Average

Pavement Asphalt

Maximum altitude 750 m (Prats de Molló)

Minimum altitude 100 m (Morellàs)

Services Tourism offices

The Pirinexus stretch that passes through France is one of the best cycling experiences on the whole route. Taking in the exceptional historical remains and spectacular views, we pedal through towns such as Prats de Molló and Arles de Tec, where we can enjoy the history of these places by visiting their incredible medieval buildings or tasting their unbeatable gastronomy. But if what we want to do is relax, we should find time to visit Banys d’Arles, an ideal thermal spot for enjoying the benefits of the water and the relaxation it offers.

Known as the cherry capital, Ceret is even more well-known as the “meca of Cubism”. Artists such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Juan Gris, among others, painted some of their works of art on the unique trail known as “chemin sublimé”. And it goes without saying that a visit to the Museum of Modern Art of Ceret is a must before leaving this area. The new Museum of Musical Instruments is also well worth a visit, with an exposition of ancient instruments from around the world.

Sant Joan de Pladecorts is another great destination to make a stopover, with two lakes surrounded by grassy areas which provide the perfect setting to relax or enjoy some peaceful leisure time. But if what we want is to continue soaking up the local history, we should head for El Voló. We can find various ancient remains in the old part of the village, such as Torre Quadrangular, an imposing bell tower weighing 832 kilograms, or the statue of Petit Tambor. The frieze found on the church door was created by the Mestre de Cabestany, a remarkable anonymous sculptor of the 12th century.

When we reach this point of the route, we can take a detour towards Argelers, a town located at the southern point of the Roussillon plain. Here we can visit the pretty Castle of Valmy or the church of Santa Maria del Prat. Nearby, we can find unique towns such as Cotlliure, Sant Andreu de Sureda and Sant Genís de Fontanes. In Morellàs, we can visit the cork museum, which is a great way to discover how the cork industry accompanied this town throughout the twentieth century. If we carry on pedalling, once past the town we can visit the ruins of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Panissars, built on Roman constructions along the Via Domitia and the Via Augusta. Finally, in Sant Martí de Fenollar, we can visit the pre-Roman church with its notable remains of frescoes from the 12th century.

Download the track and the detailed guide to check if there are any specific difficulties reported at each stretch and to find out about the best tourist attractions in each area. 

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How to get there


Tel. 972 504 661


Tel. 0892 35 35 35


Tel. 972 204 868


Tourism office: tel. 972 186 708
flights information: tel. 972 186 600
Ryanair bus service links the airport with Girona bus station.

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